Circle Spinning: Jewish Turning and Returning Tales

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Circle Spinning by Cherie Karo Schwartz

Circle Spinning is the third book by nationally recognized storyteller, author, and educator Cherie Karo Schwartz, who has been a Reconstructionist for three decades. The book is a feast of renewing interpretations of stories drawn from Jewish Folktales, Torah and Midrash, combined with her own original tales and poetry. It is a well-storied journey in Four Worlds and Four Elements for personal perusing, synagogue programs, adult study, B'nai Mitzvah classes or gifts. Some of the stories are very appropriate for religious school children. The index includes references to holidays, life cycle events, mitzvot, and more. A complete glossary is included. The book is beautifully illustrated with reproductions of the masterful papercut artistry of Lisa Rauchwerger, who is also a Reconstructionist. Printed in purple ink on heavy lavender stock, the book itself is an artistic expression.

Beloved storyteller Peninnah Schram writes, "The worlds of the midrashic stories and poems in CIRCLE SPINNING have wings and dance off the page like sparks of fire vibrantly igniting our imaginations."

Esteemed Jewish author Howard Schwartz says of this volume, "Steeped in the waters of Miriam's Well, in the light of the first day, and in the secrets of the angel Raziel, these wonderful stories and poems read as if they had stepped out of the pages of the Talmud."

And renowned Rabbi Rami Shapiro says, "Through her tales and poems, Cherie brings her passion for story and Judaism in a way that invites the reader into the circle to spin a new round of tales from the texts of our own lives."