Siddur Kol Ha'Noar: The Voice of Children (Transliterated)

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Edited by Rabbi Sandy Sasso and Rabbi Jeffrey Schein. Illustrated by artist Joani Rothenberg.    
A siddur for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade (ages 5-8) and their families. Durable, full-cover hardbound containing services for Shabbat evening and morning in accessible English, Hebrew, and transliteration.  

Siddur Kol Hano'ar: The Voice of Children is unique in its use of stories from Jewish sources and folklore to introduce the different sections in the service. Also, questions in the siddur invite children to engage in a conversation with prayer, its meaning to them and their lives. The book includes poetry written for and by children, meditations, songs and beautiful artwork.  
According to co-author Rabbi Sandy Sasso, the translations used for Siddur Kol Hano'ar: Voice of Children "express the underlying meaning of the prayer in language that is accessible by children. They are clear enough to be understandable, poetic enough to be inspiring, concrete enough to be connected to a child's experience, and open to a continuing conversation."  

Read a review of the siddur at the time of its publication in the Cleveland Jewish News - "A siddur for the young, young-at-heart."