Turn It and Turn It for Everything Is in It: Essays of the Weekly Torah Portion

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Turn It and Turn It for Everything Is in It: Esssays of the Weekly Torah Portion
by Rabbi Jonathan Kligler

The Jewish sages taught that when we study the Torah we should continuously turn it and turn it, like a gem with countless facets, looking for new and deeper meanings. In this volume of essays on each weekly Torah portion, Rabbi Jonathan Kligler shares choice insights from his decades of study and teaching. Drawing on both ancient and modern sources, and weaving scholarship and personal stories, Rabbi Kligler invites the reader to investigate the countless layers of insight and inspiration that vibrant Torah study can provide.

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler has served as the spiritual leader of Kehillat Lev Shalem, the Woodstock Jewish Congregation, since 1988. Over these years Rabbi Jonathan, as he is called, has overseen the growth of the congregation from a small once-a-month gathering into a thriving Jewish community with 350 member families and thousands of friends and supporters. The synagogue is known throughout the Hudson Valley of New York and beyond for its welcoming and heart-opening atmosphere, innovative and inspiring approach to religious practice, and great music.